Thunder250x Amplifier

Thunder250x Amplifier
  • 18dB/octave, continuously variable crossover with reverse outputs. For example, when you have the crossover set to low-pass, you have a high-pass output. This makes it much easier to connect multi-amplifer systems.
  • Individual Gain Controls to center up the soundstage.
  • Giant MOSFETS (we're not exaggerating - they're huge). A larger MOSFET means power supply stability, and a more reliable product.
  • 8 Volt RMS Input - This large signal capability allows for better integration with high voltage output source units, increased dynamic range, and better Signal-to-Noise ratio in the audio system.
  • Continuously Adjustable Thunder EQ bass boost, centered at 40Hz. To severely boost the low-end, and the attention you get from other drivers and innocent bystanders.
  • Unique Split Shield bottom plate design, reduces electromagnetic interference, to improve signal-to-noise ratio and reduce distortion. This design is so hot, we patented it so others can't leech off our genius. (Patent # 5,521,792)
  • ISO-FEET TM nylon mounting feet, eliminate the possibility of chassis-to-chassis ground noise. Leeches beware, this one's patented too. (Patent # 5,521,792).
RMS Power measured at 12.5 Volts DC:
25 Watts x 2 into a 4 Ohm load with less than 0.05% THD+N
50 Watts x 2 into a 2 Ohm load with less than 0.1% THD+N
100 Watts bridged into a 4 Ohm load with less than 0.1% THD+N

Dynamic Power (IHF-202 Std) measured at 14.4 Volts DC
55 Watts x 2 into a 4 Ohm load
100 Watts x 2 into a 2 Ohm load
200 Watts bridged into a 4 Ohm load

Signal to Noise Ratio:
> or = 110dB A-Weighted

Damping Factor:

Frequency Response:

Thunder EQ:
Variable Bass Boost (0-18dB) centered at 40Hz

Variable 50Hz to 200Hz, 18dB/Octave, High Pass or Low Pass Configurable

7" x 9" x 2" (17.8cm x 22.8cm x 5cm)
8-1/4" x 9" x 2" (20.9cm x 22.8cm x 5 cm) Including IsoFeet(TM)

Also Available: Thunder250XW with high gloss white finish